Bakelite Roanoid Match Striker

Bakelite Roanoid Match Striker

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An Art Deco Bakelite (and some other form of polymer) ashtray and match striker, probably 1930s in age, and with the Roanoid Roxon Ltd makers mark impressed on the base.

The ashtray/striker has a somewhat ingenious modus operandi but how successful it was, is unknown. The upper (the ashtray) and lower part (the match holder) detach by means of pressing the button in the middle, turning it anti-clockwise and then releasing. The mechanism on this particular item is rather stiff and might need a few attempts. Once you've got that far, the intention is that matches should be inserted along the grooves in the base, in a circle, together with a circular piece of sandpaper or similar cut to size. The idea is that when the ashtray/striker is reassembled, a match is then pulled, striking, on its way out, the sandpaper, and thus emerging in a state of ignition.

We have not been able to test out the ashtray/striker, as we have been unable to obtain non-safety matches. However, as a collectors piece (and Roanoid seemed to have excelled themselves with this sort of item having been responsible for the production of the famed Tennis Ball ashtray), it is certainly a talking point.

Condition-wise, the ashtray/striker has been cleaned, but might benefit from further, more expert, cleaning, since the item has been used at some stage in its life and obviously igniting matches and cigarettes tend to leave their marks. Structurally, apart from the stiffness of the knob as referred to above, it is structurally sound, but bearing the usual wear and tear. There is a small chip on the handle of the knob which we have tried to show in the photographs. There is some discoloration, for the reason referred to above.

The base measures just over 5in in diameter and the ashtray stands approximately 1.75in deep to the rim (about 2.5in to the top of the central knob). Weighs over 850g.

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