Small brass card case-2

Small brass card case-2

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A small vintage engraved brass visiting card case with vacant cartouche and with a piano style hinge. The case closes crisply.

The case has been lightly cleaned only in order to retain what patina there is (obviously a previous owner has had a good go at this one!) but might benefit from further cleaning, depending on your taste. Inside are two compartments that would have at some time held cards (we pondered whether this could have been a cigarette case but in view of the two (now missing) retainers it is highly unlikely) on either side and would have been held in place by an elasticated strap probably. These straps are no longer present.

There are a number of uses nowadays that this item could be put, for example, a card case for small business cards; it could be adapted for photographs; and it could be used as storage for items of a more personal nature.

The case measures just over 3.25in by about 2.25in and is about 0.25in at its deepest. Exact age unknown but probably dates from the earlier part of last century, or before that.

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