Victorian pendant brooch

Victorian pendant brooch

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An antique Victorian pierced white metal domed pendant brooch with dove detail (thought to be silver – see later).

The main body of the brooch is in the shape of an eight point flower, engraved with what looks like foliage and other designs.

The domed part of the brooch is pierced and engraved around the sides, and the top of the brooch is engraved, and embossed with a bird (probably a dove) and what could be a sun or a rainbow or (more probably) the Earth itself. In Victorian symbolism, the dove means peace, friendship and the bringing of hope. In Victorian times, the French “Saint Esprit” or Holy Spirit dove seems to be descending from heaven to earth with wings spread (as it is in this case). It is a symbol of faith.

The underside of the brooch bears a tiny English diamond shaped nineteenth century Registration mark (but no hallmark) and although the lower part of the mark is rubbed, we can date the brooch to 1868.

We have not tested the brooch chemically, but we have applied a magnetism test and it is more than probable that this item is unmarked silver.

The brooch has been cleaned, but it might benefit from further, more expert, cleaning.

The pin at the back extends beyond the main body of the brooch into a C clasp, which is slightly out of shape. The pin, although structurally sound, moves freely with no spring, although we do not know whether there was meant to be a spring. There is also a small integral loop at the back of the brooch so that it can be used as a pendant if required.

The main body of the brooch measures approximately 1.625in in diameter at its widest. Weighs just under 6.5g.

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