Antique leather shot flask

Antique leather shot flask

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Antique leather shot or powder flask (we understand that leather flasks were used for shot and metal, copper etc for powder) with metal dispenser. There is a loop at the base for attaching to musket or rifle.

The dispenser allows for the release of shot in two different measures, the first of which is marked 1.1/4 and 1.1/2 oz and the lever attached to the dispenser has retained it’s spring. However we are unsure whether the lever is complete near the 1.1/2oz level (see photographs).

We were unable to find any makers marks. The main leather body of the flask is quite dry and stiff to touch and would probably benefit from further treatment (waxing and/or polishing perhaps).

Not being wholly familiar with this type of item, we have not been able to test whether it is in working order or not, but given than the dispenser seems to work, we can only assume that it does, although how successfully we cannot say.

The flask measures approximately in length. Exact age unknown but possibly is Victorian or Edwardian in age, or possibly earlier.

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