Three Wise Monkey taper holders

Three Wise Monkey taper holders

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A pair of heavy vintage brass spill or taper or even incense stick holders with Three Wise Monkeys motif on each. It is possible that the holders might be useful as candle holders too.

The Three Wise Monkeys motif varies from the usual in that only one paw of each monkey is used to depict the “speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil” motto or proverb, with the remaining paw on two of the monkeys holding a sash or ribbon. Although these holders are being sold as a pair, it is obvious that they were cast at different times (although by the same maker as the impressed mark on the base of each bears out). The Monkey motif on one of the holders is slightly more defined than on the other. One holder is also about 50g lighter than the other. It seemed a shame to split them just because of this, so we have kept them together.

The holders have been cleaned but there are some marks still remaining that we have been unable to remove. These are possibly from the original casting, although we can’t be sure. Both holders are stable when placed on a flat surface.

The holders stand approximately 6in high from base to the rim, and measure just over 5in in diameter at their widest. Together they weigh almost 1500g. Exact age unknown but probably date from the first part of last century. A lovely pair of holders.

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