SOLD Egg - Byzantium

SOLD Egg - Byzantium

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Unsuitable for children 14 years of age or under. Please see full description and photographs.

A gold tone and primarily yellow enamelled decorative egg shaped ring or pill box with hinged lid known as the Byzantium design, complete with original stand, box and leaflet. The lid and the base are magnetised so that the egg can remain closed.

The egg measures just over 2.25in high (about 2.75in tall when placed on the stand) by about 1.5in at the outer rim.

Structurally sound except the egg is slightly precarious if displayed in the manner shown in the photograph on the leaflet (slightly more stable if the egg is turned the other way).

Exact age unknown but believed to be fairly contemporary. The box and its contents together weigh over 200g.

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