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An unusual vintage Art Nouveau / Deco hammered, or planished, pewter fruit bowl or table centrepiece, sitting on four supports, with integral scrolled handle, and made by Viners of Sheffield, under the trademark Craftsman Pewter (the mark was used between 1926 and 1939).

NOTE: As with most vintage pewter, lead may have formed part of the composition (a practice not proscribed until 1974) and it is therefore not now considered suitable for food storage or use with food.

The Craftsman mark is impressed upon the base, although it is slightly unclear. There are opposing schools of thought as to whether pewter should be shiny (as all new pewter appears) or dulled with age (to show its provenance). We are of the latter school, and therefore the bowl has been lightly cleaned only in order to retain that provenance. Any potential buyers would of course be at liberty to do what they wish! There are a few age related marks which we have been unable to remove, and although structurally sound, the bowl wobbles slightly when placed on a flat surface. The edges of the bowl, though sound, seems, again to us, to be slightly out of kilter but this just adds to the bowls charm. In addition, to us, the handle of this particular bowl veers slightly, but we have examined other examples of this piece on the internet, and it appears that most of them do. A design quirk, perhaps, and a really honest piece. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, the bowl is structurally sound and rather heavy at just under 650g.

The bowl measures just over 9.5in across at its widest points and just under 9.5in from the handle to the front. The bowl stands approximately 3.75in from the base to the handle and towards the front, the bowl stands just over 2in deep (the measurements include the four supports to the base).

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