Antique brass chamberstick

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A large antique brass chamberstick with handle but no snuffer. The handles and stick are attached to the base by the means of brass rivets (see photographs).

The item itself is age worn in that there are age marks and various dinks. In addition, the edges to the base and sides are worn through in places (this is rather difficult to show in the photographs but when holding the base to the light, you can see through it). The sconce is out of kilter (again see photographs). The stick is slightly out of kilter in that it leans slightly to one side. This was a little difficult to show in the photographs. The chamberstick stands rather wobbly on its base when placed on a flat surface.

The chamberstick measures approximately 5.5in by about 4.5in at the base and about 7.75in by about 6.75in at the outer rim. The whole object stands approximately 5in at its highest (see further details). Weighs just over 420g. Exact age unknown but believed to date from sometime during the nineteenth century.

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