Inuit Walrus ivory polar bear

Inuit Walrus ivory polar bear

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An Inuit walrus tusk or morse rough carving of a polar bear measuring approximately 2.75in across from the bear's tail to its snout, and standing about 2in high to the top of its head.

The ivory shows the longtitudinal cracks which is typical of the substance and is otherwise structurally sound. The bear had two inset eyes (possibly coloured tusk) but one of the eyes is missing. Weighs approximately 77g. The exact age of the piece is not known but it is believed to date from the early part, or turn of, last century.

NOTE: Walrus tusk ivory has been commercially carved by the indigenous people of the Arctic, including the Inuit, Inupiaq and Yupik of Greenland. Walrus tusks can attain up to 1m in length.

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